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key tax dates

Don’t get caught out with interest and penalties.
We keep our clients informed of all key tax dates relating to their returns and payments.

Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Due dates for two monthly Clients
28th June
28th August
28th October
15th January
28th February
7th May

Due dates for six monthly Clients

28th October
7th May

Provisonal Tax

Clients with two monthly GST Payments
1st Installment - 28 August
2nd Installment - 15th January
3rd Installment - 7th May

Clients with six monthly GST Payments
1st Installment - 28th October
2nd Installment - 7th May

Terminal Tax Payments

For clients with an extension of time
7th April

For clients with no extension of time
7th February

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