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Personal financial services for you, your family, your future

personal tax advice

If you changed jobs recently, received an inheritance, interest, or dividends – perhaps you’re planning a subdivision or other land transactions – you’ll find that Louw & Co is friendly and personable, yet expert and experienced, at helping you pay no more personal tax than is necessary, maximise your financial returns and reduce your risk.

Louw & Co understand that managing your wealth, for your future and for your family is important because we have families too. We’re not a big flashy company and we don’t earn a gazillion dollars, so we know the value of your money, your family, and your future like we know ours. Talk to us. We’re ready, able, and excited to help.

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Still a great tool for protecting your assets from third parties, preserving property, superannuation or securing a future for your children or grandchildren, but only if it is up to pace with changes in legislation and the courts. Louw & Co can help you set up or update your trusts.

asset structure

Asset planning and tax issues like losses from rental properties, sales of assets and subdivisions will trigger risks and taxation obligations that require both accounting skills and a legal background to help protect your family home, business and other investments through careful planning. Talk to Louw & Co about how we can help you protect and grow your personal wealth.

annual compliance

We may bury our heads in the sand, but your annual compliance obligations aren’t going to go away – unless you talk to Louw& Co.

investment properties

A rapidly changing legal and tax environment – like the extension of the bright-line test, changes of use rules and healthy homes compliance – have added to the complexity of the legal and tax environment for mom-and-pop investors.

Talk to Louw & Co about how to protect yourself, meet your obligations and get the best returns from your investment.

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