A sit-down with Melt Louw

Dec 14

Here at Louw & Co we’re all about transparency and being honest with our customers. So today we thought we would sit down and introduce you to Melt Louw, the Louw in Louw & Co.

So Melt, How have we got here today?

I have been with Pat Callinan Accounting since February 2014, after an opportunity arose to buy into the accounting practice. Pat Callinan and I believed at the time that I, with my commercial skills as well as my legal background, could add value to Pat Callinan Accounting.'

So you’ve started in 2014, Pat Callinan Accounting has been around since 1998. Was the intention for you always to take over?

“Yes, Pat was looking forward to retirement, we thought at that stage, to ensure the continuity of the practice and also provide an exit strategy for Pat, it would be good for me to join."

Awesome, So how did you end up here, today with your name on the door?

“Over the next five years, I systematically bought more and more shares from Pat. In July 2019 I was the sole shareholder and Pat also retired. Since then we accelerated in changing PCAL from a basic compliance orientated practice to a practice that provided additional services like taxation advice, valuations, business advice, forecasting and budgeting as well as restructuring”

So business growth has been something you’ve been working on? How did you do that?

In order to be more efficient and effective, we needed to change our systems and procedures from a basic manual system to a state of the art electronic system, where we process and file all our client's accounts and tax returns online. The aforementioned changes provided us with the opportunity to provide information to our clients, external third parties like banks, loan providers and the Inland Revenue Department with instant and accurate information. We also invested in a portal system that allows our clients to receive their information packs, in a secure, fast and accurate manner.”

We continue to look at innovative ways to provide a better service to our clients and have employed two additional fully qualified chartered accountants, and contracted to a very competent tax lawyer to assist us in providing exceptional tax advice to our clients. Tax laws in New Zealand are complex and subject to frequent change. So it was only a natural progression to engage the services of an expert.”

Awesome, so you’re still focused in East Auckland?

“Howick is a lovely village to work in with its beautiful views and surroundings. It has a real friendly feel and all the jam-packed eateries and cafes reflect that. It's a real people’s place that reflects the history and diversity of the area.  Why would you want to work anywhere else?”

We're excited to see the growth in the coming years. Is there anything else you’d like to tell people?

I am passionate about business and in particular accounting. I have been an auditor in South Africa after I have completed my accounting and legal studies prior to leaving for the shores of New Zealand. I had the unbelievable privilege to study at the University of Otago that led to me becoming a chartered accountant in New Zealand.”

“I feel that my employment with the IRD, established corporate companies and accounting firms throughout New Zealand has provided me with the experience, knowledge and feel for business to provide a great service to you. I own a business as well, so I am aware of exactly the same issues and challenges my clients are going through, and that puts me in a very good space to assist you.”

Awesome, thanks for your time Melt!

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