A new look and more solutions but still the same friendly accountants you know

Nov 15

Pat CallinanAccounting has served the Howick and East Tamaki accounting communities for more than two decades – accounting services for locals by locals – but to make sure we continue to be an asset to you, your business and your family, we have made some changes.

This is a new chapter that starts with a fresh look that reflects our well-known friendly and welcoming culture, and a new name – Louw & Co – that communicates a management buy-out of the business and continues with two decades of experience and expertise in helping you, your business, and your family be successful financially.

You’ll have noticed that Louw & Co has a new website, and we are officially social@louwandconz. In some ways, these changes are our way of showing you that we understand and excel in what it takes to succeed in business in the modern world. We use not just our expertise but new technologies and fresh systems to give you more insights and faster solutions at a reasonable price.

Louw & Co will continue to help you with your accounts and make sure that you and your business get the best tax outcomes from the IRD, but more than helping you survive through tough times, we are about using the numbers – and our understanding of your bottom-line financials – to help you and or your business grow and thrive in the future.

Louw & Co is a modern practice that works to understand your unique needs, analyses the data, and measures the outcomes to give you clarity, strategy and solutions that fix problems, recognise opportunities, and maximise your success.

If you are in business, the three most important financial statements are:

1. Balance sheet: A balance sheet shows your assets and liabilities.

2. Profit and Loss: Also known as an income statement, this is the dashboard that shows you all sources of profit and loss, including items not covered by the cash flow statement.

3. Cash flow statement: This is money flowing in and out of your business. Cashflow is the lifeblood of your business – many companies go broke not because they aren’t making sales but because their cash flow is poor. A bit like a bank statement, your cash flow statement shows what money you have on hand and what you have coming in and when.

The current and future success of your business and investments are reflected in these reports, which is why it is essential to make sure the reports are of good quality and up to date. When you can understand and interpret the data, you are equipped to make the best decisions.

If you want to talk further about using financial reporting to help you make better decisions, or if you wish to drop in for a chat about the new brand, the door at Louw & Co is always open. 

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